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Why Us

The African health sector is undoubtedly plagued by a myriad of remediable setbacks; chief of which is the lack of appropriate technology for proper and timely medical intervention. This “appropriate technology” ideally, finds expression in the Medical Equipment Technologies (METs) available for diagnosis and therapy. This further translates to;

  • Acquisition (accessibility & affordability),
  • Application (knowledge & use)
  • Technical Support (installation & maintenance).

Most African countries are yet to fuse these three elements together. This lack of appropriate technology for proper and timely medical intervention is a consequence of the partial or often times zero application of these elements. However, an effective application of these elements will go a long way in the advancement of METs in Africa, hence MedQraft.

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who we are

MedQraft is an online hub for all MET solutions. Access to METs solutions have never been this easier. MedQraft eliminates all hassles in seeking & finding affordable MET solutions. With just a click, your desired Medical Equipment Solution (METS) is yours for the taking.

our conception

MedQraft was conceived with the entire African healthcare arena in mind. Good healthcare is a common need for every African, irrespective of our diverse inclinations. By reason of healthcare being essential for increased life expectancy in Africa, there have been frequent outcries for an improved healthcare system in this part of the world. Recently, METS have proven to be one of the several ways to mitigate issues with Africa’s ailing healthcare system by the availability of technology to aid diagnosis and therapy.

The time is long overdue for the introduction of more accessible, affordable, operable and sustainable MET Solutions into the African healthcare system. And is ever poised to serve this cause.

MedQraft clientele include; Individuals, medical personnel, primary, secondary & tertiary healthcare facilities, homecare, private health facilities, NGO’s, Military, etc.

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